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04 May 21


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18 Apr 21

AirPoint® Ring, Your Modern-Day Partner!

Presentations are essential and frequent for students, educators, and even corporate and business professionals. These have always been linked with academic recognition, enhanced teaching methodologies, and business expansions. Thus, in line with innovations that continuously propagate in this digital and advanced society, Magnima has come to introduce AirPoint® Ring—your modern-day partner!

AirPoint® Ring is an innovation that incorporates a ring-shaped finger-wearable unit with 3D navigation on top of a traditional mouse’s functionalities, all operated with only your fingers. Hence, it suits various uses, such as conference presentation controller, gaming and entertainment, and 3D modeling.

In general, Magnima has envisioned a significant contribution to the modernization of the collaboration between the digital and traditional way of teaching inside the schools and empowering professional careers and businesses.

Indeed, the AirPoint® Ring widened the spectrum of its users’ reach by enabling them to manipulate a presentation/gaming/3d modelling without getting off of their seats effortlessly.

The ring has a 36mm x 32mm x 39mm dimension, inclusive with a 65mm x 66mm x 68mm, 150-gram, rechargeable AirPoint® charger that allows users to recharge the AirPoint® Ring by mounting the device into it.

Moreover, in every purchase of AirPoint® Ring, the user also receives the following:

  • AirPoint® Charger
  • 3 Finger size adapters: Large, Medium, Small
  • Charging cable (USB Type C)
  • User documentation
  • Quick start guide

The system requires Bluetooth Low Energy Enabled Device, Windows 8 or later, macOS 10.10 or later. On the other hand, its limited functionalities come with the following:

  • Chrome OS™
  • Android™ 5.0 or later

AirPoint® Ring comes with a one-year limited hardware warranty that will ensure you have the best of both worlds in enjoying the product while having the guarantee to return it if some complications happen, which is a rare case for this device.


16 Mar 21

Step Up Your Game with AirPoint® Ring by Magnima

Businesses and specialist companies use presentations to advise, educate, inspire, and impress internal and external audiences. They integrate presentations into sales, recruitment, and internal communication systems, depending on the strength of words and pictures to captivate and hold the target audience’s attention.

Coherently, a well-crafted presentation often reflects integrity and adds to a company’s overall profile. Thus, emphasizing the value of business appearance will mean the difference between landing the right staff, clients, and investors. Such a matter suggests the need for a catalyst that will amplify the quality of every presentation and the opportunities of a company and its professionals.

Hence, Magnima created their AirPoint® Ring—a multi-purpose device that will contribute to the evolving and even more propagating status of various presentations.

A Convenient & Enjoyable Option for Presentations

Through this powerful finger-intuitive wearable gadget, professional presentations are made more convenient and enjoyable. AirPoint® Ring helps its users to maintain momentum, eliminating the risk from possible disruptions such as movements between the stage and the audience; it could also be a series of technical issues in the optimality of the wired connections, such as the mouse and other controllers.

Besides, controlling a presentation using a single, non-complex device gives them an adequate confidence and comfort level. Hence, it does not only make the presenter appear well-composed, but it also allows them to stand out and persuade their audience further. Overall, Magnima’s AirPoint® Ring helps its wearers to make high-standard multimedia presentations more professionally seeming.

Nevertheless, it is the perfect time for you to get equipped and step up your game in presenting, whether for company reports, business and project proposals, talks, and even casual corporate meetings. Visit Magnima online and purchase your AirPoint® ring now to experience their next level creation—an upgrade that will never be a waste of every penny!


08 Mar 21

The New AirPoint® Ring Innovation

The AirPoint® ring is not just an ordinary ring—it is a newly invented finger tool that can substitute an old mouse model. This wireless device and its top-of-the-line features provide convenience for all users. All you have to do is insert your finger, wear it like a typical ring, and utilize it like a five-finger exercise, requiring a single fingertip to work!

Price, Specs, and Features

The AirPoint® ring is a handy and lightweight wearable ring mouse that only weighs less than 50 grams—light enough to give comfort to the user. Moreover, its connection does not need lengthy wires and uses Bluetooth 5 connection instead. Besides, it includes advanced sensor qualities, such as LED optical, 6-axis motion sensor, tactile switches and capacitive touchpad.

This device has a battery span that lasts up to 8-10 hours if appropriately charged. It also comes with a free charger, adapters of three different sizes, type C charging cable, a quick start guide and a detailed user manual, along with a one-year warranty period. For only $129.99, you can have your new and perfectly working AirPoint® ring, which has features that are worthy of its price.

Perfect Mouse for Various Purposes

Everyone relies on technology nowadays, whether for studying, working, or personal matters. AirPoint® ring suits well in every situation that needs you to click in your computer. With its 3d movement recognition specialty, it can be your partner in presenting, playing your favorite online game, and even browsing the internet.

Where to Buy an AirPoint Ring?

If you are too busy and cannot go outside to buy yourself the AirPoint® ring, there is no need for you to worry because you can place your order ahead of time from the product page of this site. Save your slots now and add AirPoint® Ring in your cart to enjoy its top-notch quality features in studying, in business, and at work.


21 Feb 21

AirPoint® Ring: The Advancement of Presentation


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